COVID-19 Safety Plan




The global pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our economic and social circumstances. The disruptive effect of the pandemic is more acutely felt by the most vulnerable in our community; the elderly, those who are immune- compromised, and those in insecure and low-paid work who cannot afford to self-isolate.

The objective of this plan is to ensure that Aid Foundation of Australia Inc (AFoA) can resume some of their functions whilst ensuring that those most impacted by this pandemic are not left behind.

AFoA are under no requirement to recommence meetings and activities.

This COVID-19 Safeguard Plan is to assist AFoA officials and volunteers who wish to recommence meetings/activities to maintain a COVID-safe environment for their members and others during AFoA activities.


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious and potentially fatal disease that is caused by a newly discovered form of coronavirus. The common symptoms of COVID-19 may include:

  • fever coughing sore throat
  • fatigue (tiredness), and
  • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

The latest public health order from the NSW may enable a resumption of some meetings/activities on the basis that the below COVID-19 prevention requirements are observed. However, recent outbreaks of active COVID 19 clusters and rise in community transmission cases requires a diligent and cautious approach to be taken to the conduct of such meetings/activities. In

addition, it is also very important that the nature and form of AFoA activity resumption will cases requires a diligent and cautious approach to be taken to the conduct of such meetings.

In addition, it is also very important that the nature and form of AFoA activity resumption will empower members to engage equally in these activities.



AFoA requires all members volunteers to ensure the general health, safety and welfare of their fellow members, guests and clients through providing and maintaining a meeting environment that is without risk to health and safety.

Efforts by AFoA officials should be made to ensure meeting environments do not put people at risk of contracting COVID-19.


Meeting Venues

It is imperative that AFoA officials and members follow all COVID-19 related and other relevant directions and guidance from the venues at which their meetings are taking place. Meetings are not permitted to take place in a person’s residence until the law permits to do so.

Meetings can only take place at venues which have registered with the NSW Government as COVID Safe.

General Wellbeing

AFoA officials must communicate the following to members and visitors prior to and at the commencement of the meeting, including on all forms of meeting notice.

Members should only participate in AFoA activities if they are feeling well and have no respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms.

Members and other persons are not able to attend the meeting if they fall within the following categories:

a) have COVID-19 key symptoms which are:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • A sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breathb) have been, or have potentially been, exposed to a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is suspected to have COVID-19 (even if the person who is suspected to have COVID-19 has not yet been tested)c) have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting the results of that testMembers and other persons who are at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness should consider their attendance on a case by case basis. This includes members:
  • are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander who is 50 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions,
  • are 65 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions,
  • are 70 years and older,
  • have a compromised immune system.

Persons who have been isolated after having tested positive for COVID-19 are only permitted to participate in AFoA activities when they have fully recovered and have met the criteria for clearance from isolation by a public health authority or the person’s treating clinician. Consider the needs of members and other volunteers who may be part of a vulnerable group and may be less able to protect themselves from potential risks such as crowding people or rapid physical distancing when/if required.

Physical Distancing

Ensure the layout of meeting places allows for physical distancing of at least 4 square metres per person. The Secretary should require members who will attend a meeting or activities to RSVP prior to attendance. This will allow the secretary to make alternative arrangements if the meeting venue will be unable to accommodate the number of expected attendees.

Avoid handshakes and prolonged conversations in close groups. Members and visitors should maintain a 1.5 metres physical distance where practical

Hygiene and Cleaning

All members and visitors are required to wear face masks:

  • Clean and disinfect the meeting place.
  • Provide hand sanitiser (alcohol-based hand with at least 60% ethanol or70% isopropanol).
  • All members and any visitors should wash hands with soap and runningwater or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser when they arrive at the meeting, and again after touching any shared surfaces such as handrails and Attendance Book.

People should bring their own pen/pencil and limit sharing items or equipment with others.

Record Keeping

AFoA officials should maintain a list of members and other persons who physically attend a meeting/activities, including names, contact number, email address and the location of the meeting/activities. This register will support contact tracing if required.




Statement that the nature and form of AFoA activity resumption will empower members to engage equally in said activities.

AFoA meetings are one of the most important ways for members to be active. Not only do they provide members with opportunities to discuss and debate policy, but attendance at these meetings is also crucial in giving members the right to vote in meetings subject to members rules of AFoA’s constitution.


We understand that due to COVID-19 restrictions, some members are unable to attend meetings. These members should not be disadvantaged due to factors beyond their control.

To that end, the AFoA is ensuring that the resumption of meeting and activities empowers members to engage equally in said activities. To ensure that vulnerable members are not disadvantaged by their inability to participate in the resumption meetings, the following principles will apply:

All meetings held in accordance with this draft of the AFoA’s COVID 19 control plan will not count for the purposes of deriving voting rights. This means all rules applying to meeting attendance and the correlation with voting in meeting ballots will not apply in this period.

Members are encouraged to meet to discuss administrative, policy and rules motions.

Where motions are passed, they will be dealt with in accordance with the AFoA rules.



If a AFoA wishes to fill a casual vacancy at a meeting, it should do so by following the process set out in the AFoA Constitution. However, if more than one nomination is received for the casual vacancy, a ballot cannot take place until further notice due to COVID-19 risks.



The AFoA Officers will also continue to monitor developments in relation to COVID-19 and any changes to Public Health Orders and restrictions and make any necessary changes to the Safeguard Plan.

AFoA members are also encouraged to provide ongoing feedback.



Those Members seeking a waiver from meeting suspensions must provide the AFoA Office with the following check list prior to any meeting for approval.

Please submit your completed checklist and return with a copy of the proposed meeting notice to



Venue (Main).  : Blacktown Workers Club Kureela Reserve

Venue (Alternative):  Kureela Reserve

Plan Completed by Satish Kumar

Preferred Contact Number: 0412 779 597

Preferred Contact Email:

Date:   18 November 2020





Is the proposed venue registered with the NSW Government as COVID- Safe?


Public Officer

Have you been in contact with the venue about any specific requirements and directions? Please provide a copy of the venue’s directions/requirements.

Yes, see attachment (BCC & BWC)


How will you comply with physical distancing requirements, including the meeting layout allowing for 1 person 4

Seats/Table will be placed with the appropriate distance separate prior to the commencement of the meeting. A person will be


square metres and people maintaining 1.5 m physical distance where practical?

dedicated as a COVID marshal to enforce separation requirements.


What steps will be undertaken to ensure members who are unwell are not in attendance?

Inform in writing in advance of the meeting/activities and prior to entry each person to be checked as asked for any symptoms.



How will you and/or the venue comply with hygiene and cleaning requirements?

Provide sanitizers, clean seats/surfaces of tables & chairs and as per AFoA guidelines.



What steps will be taken to support contact tracing if necessary – including record keeping?

Record details of all attendees. Immediately contact all when required.



What measures will be taken to ensure members are empowered to participate equally in AFoA activities.

Notification of meetings by email/mail. Minutes sent afterwards. Allow where possible video conferencing.




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