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AID FOUNDATION Of AUSTRALIA is a local Western Sydney non-profit organisation operating Aged Care Assistance program.

The charity founded by Satish Kumar, Ram Sanehi, Pradeep Sanehi, Uma Chand, Nand Lal, Ikbal Khan, Atesh Shandil and Late Mr. Chandrika Prasad. The Foundation supporting not only Aged Care for seniors but activities such as Scholarships for Children, Medical Evacuations Assistance, Australia Clean Up Day, Relay for Life with Cancer Council, Charity for Blacktown Hospital Foundation and Plumpton Fire Services since 2016.


Transport assistance

technology assistance

Technology assistance


Lawn mowing assistance

Our Vision

This program aims to mobilise our senior citizens by providing caring and sustainable transportation services for everyone who needs our help. Further aims to combat social and rural isolation by getting people out and about and by keeping them in touch with their community including various activities (not limited to) such as going to senior citizens club, doctors, pharmacies, shopping, attending funeral services, transporting webster pack deliveries and more.

Our Mission

To promote, provide, or carry out activities by raising funds, facilitate by projects for the benefit of our local Citizens who may have a particular need by reason of youth, aged, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social or economic circumstances


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