Aged care transport services

Aged care transport services

Aid Foundation works alongside with other community organisations such as Blacktown City Lions Club, Better Foundation, Southern Communities Council and others. We are providing door to-door transport SERVICES to our senior citizen and assist them to maintain their independence in the local community. Depending on where you live, Aid Foundation may be able to help you with transport.

How Aid Foundation helps Seniors with transport

We can pick and drop door to door transport services for our senior citizens in our local community of Western Sydney.  Where Aid Foundation transport are unable to reach, we may be able to help assist in arranging transport with a local provider in the area.

Older people who are frail and have mobility problems or are living in particularly isolated locations with limited or infrequent public transport are usually given priority.

Transport service covers to take seniors to the places such as:


To go to church services.

To visit a loved one in hospital or at a care home

To go the shops (through our escorted shopping services)

To seniors events etc.

To attend funerals.

To attend GP or hospital appointments.

Why are transport services so important?

It a vital way where seniors are connected to the community and access local amenities. They can get out and about to socialise themselves so that they do not feel loneliness.

Community local bus travel is a lifeline for many seniors and disable citizens who do not drive, but very often this isn’t an option for those who live rurally or have no local bus service available to them. For others, declining mobility may be preventing them from using public transport due to needing extra assistance.

What is the impact of Aged Care Assistance (transport) Program?

Community transport has enormous social and economic benefits to communities all across our Blacktown LGA. Blacktown City is a vibrant, dynamic, and multicultural hub located at the heart of the Western Sydney Region. Our City is the largest Local Government Area by population in New South Wales, with approximately 9% of the total population are aged 65 and over.

Its role in combating loneliness and social isolation, helping people remain independent and access their communities can never be overstated. Our seniors personalised community transport benefits individuals or groups who can access the transport they need, regardless of their circumstances.


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